One of the most important parts of a transaction is ensuring its integrity through a contract — documentation that is a legally binding agreement between parties. The nuances of contractual issues can be immensely complex and may require structures to be followed and an appraisal of how the law will affect them.

As such, partnering with an experienced attorney is critical.

With more than 20 years of experience in hundreds of contract-related legal issues, we, at The Watkins Law Firm, are ready to work on nearly any contract issue, including those involving:

  • Sales contracts
  • Employee contracts
  • Nondisclosure/noncompete agreements
  • Service contracts
  • Professional contracts
  • Consulting agreements

Because our head attorney partners directly with clients to understand their needs, he is able to directly apply his experience and comprehensive knowledge to efficiently and effectively arrive at documentation that preserves and upholds client interest. Additionally, his experience in litigation allows him to proactively draft documentation aimed at anticipating any potential disputes and protecting clients in the event of a dispute.

We encourage you to get in touch so that we can bring the approach that has helped hundreds of clients resolve their legal issues to help resolve yours.

In the event that a dispute has already arisen, we can bring our litigation experience to work for you, as well.

To get in touch, schedule an initial consultation to discuss employment contracts, partnership agreements and other related issues with our Houma, Louisiana, lawyer, by calling 985-746-4722 or email the firm.