Strong Legal Defense For DUI Charges

A criminal conviction for drunk driving can negatively affect an individual's life in many, sometimes unforeseen ways. Drunk driving is a serious offense in Louisiana. In addition to costly fines, loss of driving privileges and lengthy probation, a DUI conviction can lead to an individual losing a job and cause irreparable harm to personal relationships.

At The Watkins Law Firm, we provide strong legal representation to individuals who are facing DUI charges. Many clients who come to our firm for help with a DUI case feel scared and some wrongly believe that their only option is to plead guilty. In reality, many matters must be thoroughly examined and closely evaluated in every DUI case, including:

  • Was the traffic stop legal? — Police officers must have just cause to conduct a traffic stop.
  • Was the Breathalyzer test accurate? — Police officers must follow certain procedures when conducting breath and blood tests and a Breathalyzer machine must be properly maintained, stored and calibrated.
  • Was the driver ill or injured? — An illness or injury can affect how a driver performs on a standardized field sobriety test.
  • Does the driver have a medical condition? — Certain medical conditions may cause a driver to exhibit signs or behaviors that may lead a police officer to wrongly assume that the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Helping Clients Overcome DUI Charges

Our attorneys help clients understand the possible penalties they face, as well as their legal options. We know that our clients are facing a difficult and stressful time and because of this, we approach every DUI defense case in a compassionate, yet pragmatic, manner to help clients win a dismissal or reduction in charges — allowing them to move on.

To discuss your DUI case with a lawyer at our Houma law firm, call 985-746-4722 or contact us online. We are here to provide the answers, support and advocacy you need.