Wills And Succession

Planning for the future of a family is of utmost importance. Without the proper estate plan in place, assets can go to a party the decedent does not wish. Additionally, it can potentially cost thousands of dollars in taxes when improperly handled.

As such, partnering with the right lawyer is critical if you and your loved ones are considering putting together an estate plan.

Having worked on hundreds of cases in more than two decades of practice, we, at The Watkins Law Firm, are ready to bring our comprehensive knowledge of estate planning to work on issues related to:

  • Estate planning
  • Wills
  • Trusts
    • Testamentary trusts
    • Spendthrift trusts
    • Family trusts
    • Living trusts and wills
    • Charitable remainder trusts
    • Life insurance trusts
    • Qualified personal residence trusts
    • Revocable trusts
    • Irrevocable trusts
    • Offshore trusts
  • Powers of attorney
    • Financial power of attorney
  • Advance directives for health care
  • Disposition of remains designation
  • Review and update of beneficiary designations

Because our attorney works directly with clients to understand their unique situation, we are able to scale an estate plan using our creative approach — one that has helped hundreds of clients resolve their issues during our attorney's tenure. We encourage you to take deliberate action by reaching out and scheduling an appointment with our lawyer today.

To get in touch, schedule an initial consultation to discuss last will and testament and other related wills and succession issues with our Houma, Louisiana, estate planning attorney, by calling 985-746-4722 or email The Watkins Law Firm.